Monday, August 31, 2009

First Day of College!

Yay! I am officially a college student! How coool!?! hahah. So, I took the bus here to Cal State Long Beach it was pretty awesome, I don't have to buy a parking permit.. i think. I am still unsure if I can park where we did. lol. So my Communications 130 teacher is prety cool, he has piercings on his face and seemed pretty chill. Now im just sitting here at a restaurant next to the SSPA building waiting for Jerico to get out of his class in like.. 45 minutes -_-; haha. Well, that is why i have one of these. (:

I dont really know what to write right now since i havent blogged anything in the longest time!

This entry sounds so boring and lame.. but whatever(:

its my life.

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